“Chalk would be a miracle”

Our Management director with his brothers formed a trust Ramasamy Manikkamal trust in name of his parents to serve society who require education. This trust built a school at tirupur PN road metupalayam and donated to municipality of tirupur that Ramasamy Manikkamal school 800 brilliant kids studying.

“Billion trees from billion peoples”

Mission of Trees Plantation and growing mission starts from 27.07.2017 with 500 trees. Planting trees are memory of Dr.A.P.J.Abdhul kalam and full fill his dream of across billion trees.

Vision: To plant 1 core tree with in next three year Dr.A.P.J.Abdhul kalam’s Oath and it includes We will always work for making my village clean, city clean and state clean so that my earth will be clean and green. We will do all my best to achieve energy independence by 2030.